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* Sunbaby Insert:


**Note: The microfleece inner is not ideal for potty training as it doesn't allow baby to feel wet like the bamboo inner trainer does. Please choose the bamboo inner trainer if potty training is your goal.

Side snapping pocket design pull-up trainers with adjustable rise setttings and elastics in front and back, fit 20-45lbs.

Outer Layer

The outer layer is made of PUL which is waterproof and breathable. No plastic cover is needed.

Method of Care: Wash in hot or cold water with your choice of detergent and hang to dry. Can be put in the dryer but, as with any PUL or waterproof material, the high heat will break down the waterproof lining over time making it less effective.

Inner Layer

Microfleece inner, wicks moisture away from baby keeping them dry


We offer the same insert options for our trainers just as we do for our pocket diapers:

Microfiber - Tried and true, great absorbancy.

3 layer bamboo - Trim and as abosrbent (if not more) than our microfiber insert. Great for doubling up with microfiber for overnight use.

4 layer 100% Bamboo - This is an XL insert, the most absorbent Sunbaby insert available, thicker and longer than our other inserts.

4 layer bamboo blend - More trim than our all microfiber insert and more absorbency than our 3 layer bamboo. **Note: This insert shrinks when washed/dried and ends up smaller than our microfiber inserts**


The pocket-style opening enables parents to customize the absorbency to fit each baby by adding additional inserts as needed.

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