Product Information



The Sunbaby One Size Diapers are one of the most adjustable one size cloth diapers on the market! Adjust the diapers to fit babies 7-35 pounds and get a snug fit every time with the hip and waits snaps. Our size 1 diaper has a shorter rise than our size 2 diaper, both sizes have the same waist measurement.

3 x 3 Snap Design


Outer Layer

The outer layer is made of PUL which is waterproof and breathable. It can be washed and does not get deformed. No plastic cover is needed.

Method of Care: Wash in hot or cold water with your choice of detergent and hang to dry. Can be put in the dryer but, as with any PUL or waterproof material, the high heat will break down the waterproof lining over time making it less effective.

Outer Layer


Inner Layer

The Soft Micro Fleece inner layer pulls away moisture, keeping baby dry, comfortable and rash free.

Inner Layer



Our insert is made of 3 layers of high quality, super absorbent microfiber. It is more absorbent than regular flannel because of it`s texture and has a maximum absorbancy of 8oz.

Method of Care: Wash in hot or cold water with your detergent of choice and dry in dryer. Wash a minimum of 3 times in hot water when you first recieve your diapers to maximize the absorbancy of the insert. Do not use barrier (zinc based) creams with any cloth diaper as it will create a waterproof build up on the surface of the diaper causing it to repel water rather than absorb. In place of a zinc cream we suggest that you use natural coconut oil as a topical treatment for your baby`s bottom. If you wish to use a barrier cream with cloth diapers then use a disposable diaper liner (Such as kushies diaper liner) to prevent the cream from making contact with the diaper surface.


The patented pocket-style opening enables parents to customize the absorbency to fit each baby by adding additional microfiber inserts as needed. Strong absorbent material with breathability keeps the skin dry and helps to prevent diaper rash. Our product absorbs urine quickly and reduces the chances of developing bacteria from sleeping in a moist diaper. Once stuffed, Sunbaby diapers are just like an AIO (All in One) diaper.

How To Use

How do I use my SUNBABY One Size Cloth Diapers?

Put the insert in your diaper. Hold the insert in one hand and place inside the slot. Align the front edge of the insert with the top edge of the snap strip. Using one hand to hold the front of the insert in place, stretch the diaper and smooth the insert flat as you pull your other hand out of the diaper. We suggest changing as often as every 2-3 hours and adding more inserts to the pocket during nap and night time. You can also use Sunbaby diapers as an effective tool for potty training by laying the insert on top of the diaper rather than stuffing it in the pocket. This allows the child to feel the wetness when it happens creating awareness of when it is time to use the potty.

Adjust the diaper sizing by choosing the right snap setting on the front of the diaper. Your diaper arrives snapped down to the "large" setting; fully unsnap the front of the diaper. To use the "medium" setting, snap on the second row of snaps. To use the diaper on the "small" or "extra small" setting, snap on the bottom row of snaps.

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