What is the difference between size 1 & 2?

Our Sunbaby diapers are now available in 2 sizes to best fit different baby body types. Some babies are built smaller and more slim while others are more chunky, now there are 2 options that allow you to customize your fit even more!

Why does a “One Size” diaper come in 2 sizes? Most of us have encountered different “one size” cloth diaper brands that fit baby differently even though they are all “one size”. Sunbaby diapers are still considered a “One Size” diaper with adjustable waist and rise snaps but now we have 2 fit options within one diaper brand.

How does Size 1 differ from size 2? The biggest difference in sizes is in the rise of the diaper. Size 2 has about 1” more height in the rise than size 1 does. For example, A size 1 diaper on my daughter is on the largest rise setting (None of the adjustable rise snaps are snapped) where a size 2 diaper on my daughter is on the medium rise setting (The rise snaps are snapped to the middle row). There is also a slight difference in the tightness around the thighs, Size 1 being a little tighter than size 2.

I haven’t had my baby yet/I have a newborn baby, what size should I purchase? I recommend purchasing size 1 as it will give a closer fit around newborns little thighs. The size 1 will also be slightly less bulky on a newborn when compared to size 2.

My baby is 6 months + , what size should I purchase? I recommend purchasing size 2, unless your baby is built quite slim.

I have ordered diapers from www.sunbabydiapers.ca in the past, what size did I receive? Any diapers ordered from www.sunbabydiapers.ca before the new 2 size system are considered size 2. Recently the color of the writing on the tags has been changed, now any tag with black writing indicates size 2 and any tag with orange writing indicates size 1.

Will the size 1 prints be available in size 2? Sometimes there are certain prints released on one size that will not be available in the other size but for the most part most prints and colors are vailable in both sizes at some point.