How do I best care for and maintain my Sunbaby diapers?

How to Prep the diapers before use: When you first receive your Sunbaby diapers you will need to wash them 3 times in very hot water to remove any manufacturing residue and increase the absorbency of the microfiber inserts. Detergent is only needed for the first 2 washes, you do not need to dry the diapers in between washes.  Once the 3 washes are complete dry both the inserts and shells in the dryer this one time only. Any subsequent washes diaper shells need to be hung to dry as the high heat of the dryer will breakdown the waterproof lining and elastic in the diaper overtime.

Prepping Bamboo Inserts: If you have purchased bamboo inserts please boil for 30 minutes on your stove in a big pot of water. After boiling toss in the wash and prep as per the above instructions. Bamboo contains a lot of natural oils that must be washed from the fabric for maximum absorbancy to be reached.

Important: Do not use zinc or petroleum based diaper creams with cloth diapers

Storage of dirty diapers: We recommend the dry pail method. Simply put used diapers in the diaper pail of your choice until you are ready to wash them. Sprinkle baking soda in pail as needed to control odours. You may knock solids into the toilet or swish a soiled diaper around in the toilet bowl before putting in the pail if you wish.

Washing: There is no need to separate the inserts from the diaper shells, simply dump all diapers into the washer and the agitation will work the inserts out of the pockets.

  • Cold Wash. Place all your soiled cloth diapers in the machine for a cold water wash.
  • Hot Wash. Wash in hot water with cloth diaper safe detergent.
  • Rinse. Rinse cloth diapers with cold water.
  • 2nd Rinse. Rinse cloth diapers with cold water.
  • Dry. Hang diaper shells to dry and dry inserts in the dryer.

Detergent to use: The best detergent to use does not contain enzymes, brighteners, fragrance, dyes, softeners or bleach. For a list of recommended detergent to use with cloth diapers please visit