Why should I use cloth diapers?


Cloth diapers have come a long way.

Reusable diapers have evolved to such an extent over the last decade that many rival throwaway diapers. Modern cloth diapers are just as easy to use, change and wash as disposable diapers. In fact, if you were to put an all-in-one cloth diaper next to a disposable, you would find very little difference in bulk, size and function.

Cloth diapers are more economical.

Disposable diapers become very expensive when you consider a 2-3 year diapering period. They can only be used once and they are then tossed away. They cannot be used for another child, let alone 3 or 4 children. You can use cloth diapers on one baby for 3 years for less than $170, That’s a savings of at least $2500 per child. When you are finished using your cloth diapers you will most likely be able to get at least half of your money back by selling them online to another mother.

Babies are healthier in cloth diapers.

Disposable diapers contain many chemicals, poisons (TBT tributyl tin), dioxins (which are highly carcinogenic) and even perfumes and dyes that may all be harmful to your baby and lead to diaper rash. The majority of babies in cloth diapers tend to have less diaper rash as cloth diapers are more breathable and have none of the chemicals or bleaches found in disposables.

Cloth diapers are more reliable and less messy than disposable diapers.

The majority of moms experience less leaking than you get with using disposable diapers. Modern cloth diapers are so customizable that you have the ability to get a perfect fit on your baby each and every time. It's a little known secret that the “blow-outs” that occur from leaky solids are actually contained better in cloth diapers. Disposable diapers have a slippery surface to them which causes a "slip and slide" effect with messy, leaky solids. The textured fabric that cloth diapers are constructed of provides the perfect surface for leaky messes to cling to.

Cloth is more comfortable.

Soft fabric next to a babies tender skin is much more comfortable than paper and plastic. Babies also tend to be changed more frequently in cloth diapers, opposed to single use disposable diapers, because moms are more aware of when baby is actually wet. Just because a disposable diaper “feels” dry, does not mean a baby is not sitting in urine. It just happens to be dry, crystallized urine. With advancements in fabric, Sunbaby’s microfleece liner means your baby will not have wetness against their skin. The liquid is wicked away to the absorbent microfiber insert underneath which helps keep baby feeling dry.

Using cloth diapers takes no more time than using disposables.

  1. Change the diaper.
  2. Put the diaper in a pail. (much better than in the trash - same amount of time)
  3. Put the diapers in the washing machine. Let your MACHINE do the rest. (the alternative - take out an extra trash bag, week after week)

It takes no more time to change your baby using cloth diapers and run a load of laundry each week (which you will likely be doing with a new baby, just the same) than it does to change your baby using a throwaway diaper, take the garbage out every few days due to the mass of waste that will accumulate, and replenish your disposable diapers on a weekly basis. This includes the hassle of remembering to pick up diapers week after week and late night trips to the store when you accidentally run out of them (and you will at least once!). Buy diapers once with cloth and be done with it for months.

Using cloth diapers can also mean your child will be OUT of diapers faster (saving you time and money all over again). Cloth diapers help your child associate feeling wet with the act of needing to use a potty. When it comes time to help your child through this process, you'll be glad you have been using cloth diapers.

Using cloth diapers is Fun.

With Sunbaby’s many colors and prints to choose from cloth diapering becomes part of your baby’s outfit! We are always coming out with new adorable patterns, with our affordable prices you can add to your diaper stash on a regular basis.

Babies look adorable in cloth diapers.

Not only are cloth diapers dependable, they are also classic and cute. Cloth diapers can be a fashion statement. Have you ever noticed how professional photographers use cloth diapers on their baby models? Traditional cloth diapers look better on a baby than a paper and plastic bottom. Show your little one off in a modern, soft, comfy, adorable cloth diaper.

diapered typically potty learns faster than their disposable diapered friends. Potty training can be easy Potty training is easier with cloth diapers.

Here's something you may not already know. You will likely change less diapers in the long run, if you are using cloth diapers with your baby. It is a little known fact that cloth diapers help children potty train faster and with less effort on the part of the parent. Again, cloth diapers are saving our families time.

As children are actually aware of the sensation of urinating, the average child that is cloth, fun and more economical with cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are better for the environment.

Over four million disposable diapers are discarded in Canada each and every day. That's close to 1.5 BILLION diapers that end up in our landfills yearly. In the first two years, the average baby will require between 5000 to 7000 diaper changes, That's a lot of diapers ending up in our landfills each year.

How long does it take a disposable diaper to decompose? It is estimated about 250-500 years. Disposable diapers are the third largest single consumer item in landfills. Disposable diapers generate sixty times more solid waste and use twenty times more raw materials, like crude oil and wood pulp.

Cloth diapers are less taxing on the environment even when taking the amount of water and energy used to make and wash them.